A few words about us

The Association was formed in 1981 by the owners and operators of several NSW Fauna and Marine Parks who aimed to work with government authorities on the standardisation of regulations within the zoological industry.

Since that time the Association has worked tirelessly to unite members of the Zoo Industry and assist with training and development of Fauna and Marine Parks throughout New South Wales.

The Association is working toward furthering the promotion of the Industry of Commercial Fauna and Marine Parks in Australia; fostering and engendering ethical behaviour and professionalism. The FMPA is committed to promoting the philosophy of wildlife parks for the purposes of Conservation, Education, Research and Recreation, and liaising with government bodies and other organisations in the development and Management of sustainable wildlife management practices.

Key achievements of the NSWFMPA to date are:

  • Development of Industry Standards.
  • Representation on State Government Committees such as the Non-Indigenous Animals Advisory Committee and the Exhibited Animals Advisory Committee.
  • Development of communication channels and information sharing opportunities with Zoo Operators and Government Authorities.
  • Opportunities for species exchange.
  • Provision of assistance related to animals’ welfare needs.
  • A forum/mechanism to address industry concerns and development.
  • Acknowledged by Government authorities as a professional body.
  • Provision of technical advice to members.

Our objectives

  • To promote the industry of Commercial Fauna and Marine Parks in Australia, particularly in the State of New South Wales
  • To encourage, foster and engender good relationships, ethical behaviours and professionalism
  • To promote the philosophy of wildlife parks for the purpose of conservation, education, research and recreation
  • To liaise with government bodies and other organisations in the development and management of sustainable wildlife management practices
  • To provide for members, current information on the industry and technical advice
  • To take any necessary action to represent the views and requirements of the association members in all matters pertaining to the Fauna and Marine Parks Industry
  • To develop and promote high standards of animal care and management throughout the industry

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