Welcome to the NSW Fauna and Marine Park Association.

What is the NSW FMPA

The NSW FMPA was formed in 1981 with the aim of enhancing and developing Fauna and Marine Parks throughout NSW.  The Association consults with government authorities on the standardisation of regulations within the zoological industry. Networking is integral to the NSW FMPA’s success. We aim to facilitate professionalism and best practice at all member institutions and training and development for all members.

Who Can Become A Member

Any Zoo, Marine or Fauna Park Exhibitor licenced under the NSW Department of Primary Industries can become a member of the NSW Fauna and Marine Parks Association and receive invitations to our quarterly events held all around NSW.


Not a licenced Exhibitor and still wanting to join?  Individuals can join the Association as an Associate Member.


Membership is a great way to network within the industry and to receive access to exclusive resources, information and the support of the NSW Fauna & Marine Park’s Association

Upcoming Industry Events

Interested in attending a zoo conference or animal husbandry workshop?  Wanting to network within other Associations in the Zoo Industry?  Check out our links to events and workshops near you?

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